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Success Stories.

Are you really ready to go to the next level? Transitions are exciting but scary. Heres' 

Some of Our Stories:

This was a massage center with 5 employees in two locations. We rebranded the company, which now offers massage and fitness in almost unlimited locations. We designed a new logo and color palette, provided website design, email marketing and various offline marketing strategies to build them to their current team of 11 and then up to 30.

We included consulting and strategy and found the business funding to protect the owner's credit and the business pays about $475/month with its increased revenue.


Hop IN San Francisco!

A rideshare startup that came to us with just a partial app and a dream. We wrote the business plan, gathered the team of startup professionals to launch and run it, filed the legal status and found them legal and insurance coverage. We've done all the marketing strategy and most of the setup. We're working on more technology now and will soon be ready to launch a funding campaign and get them off to a strong start. 

Grange Hall

Two couples in Washington bought an old building and were launching an event business in a fairly small town. Without expensive renovations, the building was best suited to large, inexpensive but fun family gatherings so we wrote the business plan and designed their branding to appeal to clients in the lower price range. 

A KaiaFit location

Women's Fitness Studio

The seller had gone from 350 to 71 members and was struggling with negative cash flow. She was teaching 9 of the 13 classes herself, the other 4 cross training and one yoga class taught by 3 coaches. She'd done no marketing and she'd had to move the business several times. The "tone" of the business had veered away from the Franchisor's branding and together they were searching for a new owner. 


In 4 months we all but left an entirely absentee-run studio, more than doubled membership, we'd added 6 more class types and increased from 13 classes a week to 38. At 18 months, the studio sold for 8x it's purchase price.

Fitness Clinic

24/7 gym

The partners had opened it 27 years ago. The vinyl on the lit sign in front was cracked and peeling, other signs faded, equipment was old but repaired and serviceable and there was liberal use of electrical tape keeping things together. They'd lost membership through Covid-19 and were working as personal trainers mostly to pay the bills. Still it was a cute gym in a great location, lots of windows, parking, showers... they were ready to sell, the lease was reasonable. It was a good turnaround prospect. 

As of late 2021 it's getting a facelift, rebranding to a Daring Gray studio, expanding to offer a full suite of health services, and Franchises to be sold initially in 35 states.


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