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We'll help you find various funding solutions

Business Consultants
Online Stores
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Yelp Optimizations
Reduce your ad budget and increase search ranking on Yelp and Google
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Small Business
We can help you reduce the hours YOU work and let the business run its course. We can help you earn a passive income via management strategies and business consulting. Let us increase your passive income.
We'll shift your business to support you. That means: fewer hours and a passive income. We specialize in business plans and marketing to get you started. Not sure where to start? Get a free consultation for business consulting.
We know how important it is to succeed. We can provide you with business plans, marketing strategies, graphic design and funding options.
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Business Startup and Renewal for:

Small Businesses, Individuals and Startups.

​We help your business work for YOU.

We are your one-stop shop: marketing, business consulting, graphic design, financial aid... more!

Marketing Setup
Over 70 sites will direct people to your website.

Your business name, images and reputation they way you want to appear. We'll correct information, addresses, photos, add links. We'll add SEO for Search Engines and optimized images.

Web crawlers that copy and repost information to their own sites will find accurate information and your reach and Google rankings will continue to increase.

We can link to all your social media sites, review sites and of course your new or revised website.
Business Start Up
Startup services include consulting, business planning, filing your companies legal status, establishing hiring systems and manuals payroll, accounting, legal, site selection and contract review, technology systems setup, signage, customer lists and of course marketing.
Sell or Retire
Similar to start up, we research and write a plan, build your business revenue to turnkey profitability. We develop business manuals, operating procedures, legal balking and marketing procedures.

Then you either enjoy more time and passive income, or list it for sale.
We work with you and your business to get all manuals, systems, everything in place and our attorney prepares your FDD and relevant paperwork.
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Choose the services you need
now when you need them,
Call (650)201-9558
Business plans and startup services
Marketing plans and services,
Strategies for funding, startup and business renewal, including ongoing support
Our passion is transitioning
people and businesses to new levels. We do this together, with integrity and commitment to your success, focusing on the finest competitive edge businesses have - the human connection.
From business plan to exit strategy, our business consulting team will help you startup or restart as a turnkey business. We offer advanced networking strategies, funding solutions and marketing services from marketing setup of websites, yelp and google pages, online directories to graphic design and signage designed to attract your ideal customers.

Some Popular Business Transitions

Startup Consulting
Launch your business!
Business planning, funding then marketing setup. We'll get you going then support you with business consulting, marketing services, and even part-time and affordable CFO, CMO, COO.
Investor Relationships
Successful funding strategies
Prepare for your pitch presentations, investor networking meetings and startup funding with a good business consultant who will help you build relationships with investors prior to your pitch demo.
Marketing Boost
Online and Offline strategies and services
We start with your website, social media and review sites like yelp and google where we get you better reviews and more exposure advertising. We'll connect you to over 70 online search directories and then create a marketing plan for all your offline marketing. Signage, banners, giveaways, imprinting and logos, we'll supply the graphic design and service to market your brand.
Marketing for Professionals
So you can compete again
In this ever-changing marketing climate. We'll do a marketing strategy review and a marketing plan, teach you advanced networking, establish branding and an online marketing presence then help you with business cards, signage, and all your email marketing.
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Business Plan

Launch a successful idea, obtain funding and use as an ongoing guide.

Increase Profits

Evaluation of our business to find new revenue streams and reduce costs.

Funding Strategies

for startups and small businesses that let your business support YOU.


Websites, online review sites, offline graphic design. We get you noticed.

Exit Strategies

Your business is more than a job. Call us when you're ready to retire in a year or 3.

I'd love to talk with you.
The Change Foundry is an ever-expanding network of people, businesses, technologies and resources pulled together to support small business and startups; led by Leighanna Murphy.
Leighanna has been instigating the birth of new businesses, creative ideas and positive solutions since 1990 across multiple industries as business owner, partner, mentor, team leader, marketer and business advisor. Specializing in co-creation, start-up, expansion and sale, she finds guiding people through the challenges of business transition to be the most rewarding.
Leighanna appreciates mountains and oceans, airfoils and rudders, health and movement, friendly musicians and social dance. As a lifetime entrepreneur, she helps business utilize it's humanity and community rapport as it's strongest competitive advantage.
Yelp Optimizations

Reduce your ad budget and increase search ranking on Yelp and Google

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