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Business Sucess

Services Businss Setu
Services Marketing Setup
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Effective Online Presence

It's like signage on a storefront. People need to find you and there's a lot of competition.

Incomplete, inaccurate or missing listings lower your search rankings and can lose you customers.

Your business can have over 70 accurate listings, all pointing to your website:

Accurate name, email, address, website link

SEO optimized photos to increase your search ranking

Menus, Staff bios, operating hours

Copy written to increase Search and Ranking

Accurate maps and directions to your parking, and your front door

Increased Search Ranking for Google, Yahoo, Bing and others

Links to review sites and social media

Monthly edits and system-wide updates!

How do Search Engines "see" your business now? 


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Effective Websites

Want to be designed to brand you in a way that appeals to your ideal clients or customers. They need a strong logo, layout and graphic design, strategic use of colors, fonts and images to speak to YOUR MOST VALUABLE customers and clients. Our copy writing is designed to smoothly appeal to both Humans AND Google and other search engines.

We might use a low-cost do-it-yourself platform, so you'll be in control of small future changes, but we won't use a template or generic stock photos for your industry. We will consult with you on your preferred colors and images but we'll make strong recommendations if we feel your preferences are not in your company's best interests.

Expanded from 5 employees to...| Case Study
To compete, this start up... | Case Study
Parners needed free financing...| Case Study

next thing

Services Marketing Ongoing

Engaging Audiences

Whether it's a website, an email, a business plan or a facebook post, we want to help you effectively with your best customers.

Services Businss Ongoing

Getting Set Up

Marketing Set Up

You Need A Powerful Website

A user-friendly site you can manage or we can

Photos that appeal to your BEST customers

Images optimized for Google searches

Copy written for Search Engines

Branding, graphic design, target marketing all

Designed to appeal to your ideal clients

Includes your input and feedback and 2 revisions

Professionally designed while you do what you're good at

Yelp & Social Sites setup

We put your business on the map

Yelp, Google LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram...
Building a strong reputation for your business

Placement on only the appropriate sites for your company

Increase your word of mouth referrals

Copy and images designed for both humans and search engines

70 Sites Directing to Your Website

Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yellowpages,, etc.

Moves you toward the top of google (SEO)

Makes your listings accurate and suppresses duplicates

Photos, video, hours, services, staff bios and more

Get your message out all across the internet

Name, Logo & Signage

Designed to appeal to your best customers

Research to support color and design choices

Influences placement in high-end or discount business models

Visual appeal consistent with your business plan

Business Set Up

Business Planning

Business plan for funding

BP as a template for new owners to follow

Powerpoints and Pitch Decks designed to appeal to investors

Financial projections

Research on YOUR competitive market

Strategic solutions to challenges that arise

Funding Support

Small Business Startup Loans!!!! 

The marketing to obtain funding

Alternative sources of startup capital

Fund your business to generate revenue

Business pays it's own startup expenses 

then supports YOU.

Forms and Filing

Government applications and forms filing

Research on business names and registrations

Business legal entity filing

Local, state and national bases covered

Mentoring & Consulting

Add our experience to your own for greater success​

Part-time CEO, CFO, CMO...  to round your team

for better funding possibilities

Covering All Bases

Referrals and resources to set up:

Payroll, Insurance, legal and accounting

Scheduling and other systems

Payment processing, banking, etc.

What does your business need - to support YOU?
Call for free consultation 
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