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Marketing 201 The Best of Both Worlds

Tech startup growth hacking and other mass-marketing strategies... small business’ more personal, traditional marketing efforts, both have their merits. Why do businesses seem to choose one strategy or the other?

Why can’t a company with over 5000 employees find the man-power to hand-write holiday cards to their customers and why do so many solopreneurs and small businesses have little to no online presence?

It’s a matter of style. Global marketing must efficiently speak to millions of people at once. Online avenues reach people everywhere, for much less time and money than traditional marketing. But online doesn’t reach everyone and it lacks the human component.

Small businesses usually reach people personally, face-to-face, building genuine human connection and the genuine human emotion that is “loyalty.” Traditional marketing reaches out one person at a time or through comparatively expensive local channels; often too locally to make impressions on millions of potential customers, guests or clients.

Not everyone can or will download an app. Not everyone reads the newspaper. Not everyone is online and not everyone will walk by on the sidewalk. It’s important to know who we are trying to talk to. You can reach some of the people some of the time… or we can diversify, learn from each other and grow.

A comprehensive marketing plan, utilizing online and offline marketing strategies serves to reach more of the population. For example, older members of the population are more likely to remain with a tech-company if it provides them easy, personal, human, customer service. Small businesses that already provide this kind of service can increase growth and income dramatically by adding easy ways for online customers to find them and buy with as few clicks as possible.

Our chances of success in any business depend on our having the agility to adapt and change. The Change Foundry helps businesses keep up and compete in this ever-changing market. Call for a free consultation (650)201-9558 or emai

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