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When Your Business is Plagiarized

Just like gossip,

technical mistakes and errors are out there about your small business that are destroying your marketing efforts. A misspelling of your business name and one wrong number in your address. No big deal, right?

It can result in

lost business for small business owners.

Small business marketing is more complex than most small business owners want to stay on top of. But who can ya trust?? You may have gotten your website, if you have one, onto multiple social media sites, such as Facebook, Yelp page, LinkedIn, or Nextdoor. Your small business marketing appears as you want it to… right?

People all over the globe, looking to start an online business, use web crawlers or bots to gather all accessible content for their own purposes. They need marketing content, so they copy it from what's already on existing Websites and social media sites. Including yours.

They copy your information onto their own industry specific websites and online directories to start an online business, for example, they may compile all of the attorneys, plumbers, all restaurants, or all small businesses in an area.

How This Hurts Your Small Business

How Google and other search engines see you affects whether they send you “referral business” When YOUR business name and with other information is plagiarized, it can get transposed or misspelled, partially deleted information. Sometimes, you'll have a public record of a different address, a home address, or your business has moved… The problem is that Google sees this disorganized, inconsistent information and becomes skeptical ~ as you and I might, if we saw a faded old sign hanging slightly off its hinges. "Is this business real?" we might ask.

How to Safeguard Your Small Business Online

When people are searching for the services a small business may offer, Google and other search engines only recommend your business after they recommend others that have a consistent online presence. Your business doesn't look vital, new, or current when this happens. It moves down in the search ranking.

We have a tool that can overwrite these mistakes and re-publish your accurate information on six dozen sites that all point towards your own website. This makes your small business appear to search engines like a neon sign, fresh and new, accurate, "hip, "and vibrant. Search engines now see even the smallest businesses, even individuals with substantial, current online marketing presents; your small business moves up and search ranking as it has SEO, keywords, and search terms embedded in directories all over the Internet. When people are looking for your business, they'll see it across the first several pages of Google.

We can embed search terms throughout the Internet that differentiate your small business. For example, instead of "restaurant," which is too familiar a keyword for a small restaurant to compete for, we can be specific to your best customer, your target market. We might use "authentic French crepes" to help people nearby find your "French-owned restaurant," specifically. Instead of "lawyer" or "attorney," We can get your website to come up on searches for "best mediator for non-conflict divorce."

To see how your business appears online now, there's a free tool on our website you are welcome to use. You can go to the homepage of, or click this link.


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