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Full Service Startup and Expansion.



Small Business Working Capital

Free Consultation
Invest for Success.

Have the confidence to invest in your future.

We don't want you or your business in "debt," we want "working capital" to facilitate higher revenue. An infusion of funding allows a carefully planned and executed growth strategy to jumpstart your small business to a more successful level and let it pay off the effort with increased revenue.

Remember The Waiting Place by Dr. Seuss?

Consider the cost of waiting, or bootstrapping at the current revenue level - the cost of lost revenue each month when we could invest in a decisive course of marketing, advertising, business consulting and follow-through that could take you, your staff, your brand, your revenue and asset value higher, sooner.

Minimum Funding Requirements:


3 months or more in business

A business checking account

$5,000/month or more in revenue.

StartUp Funding options too!

Call 650-201-9558 or
The Change Foundry offers business consulting to CEOs, and fills part-time positions for CFO, CMO, COO for growing startups.
Some Funding Solutions

We can help you apply for.


Business Lines of Credit

Love this one, it relies on your last 4 months of deposits and once paid off remains an option for lean times, or growth, equipment, hiring, etc.
Crowd Funding Campaigns

A 90-day effort bound to be more successful with our combined marketing and strategy.

Equipment Financing

 A great way to fund the startup or growth of a small business venture 
EIDL Credits

 Hard to know who to trust with all those telemarketers. We got this. Up to $26k per employee. We'll walk you through it...

Bank Term Loans

Restaurant Financing 

Construction Financing

SBA Loans
Unsecured Working Capital

Startup Loans

Business Credit Cards

Accounts Receivable Funding

Energy Efficiency Project Funding


We Pull Together
The Angel Alternative:
  1. Free Consultation.

  2. Together we Develop a Funding Strategy.​

  3. Draft a Business Plan.

  4. and Apply for Funding.

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