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or grow your business.

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Small Business Startup Process


We build the foundation for your business in a month-or-three.

The same process transitions stressed business owners toward running semi-absentee with both increased revenue and "extra" free time.

Here's How:


Considering all aspects of your company, including the business entity filing for you and other legal requirements We work together to design your Business Plan, tailoring it to it's target audience for Startup Funding or partners and staff or as a bluebrint for you as the owner(s). During this process we vet your business idea, solve any challenges we develop success strategies based on our competitive market analysis and develop your Marketing Plan.

We set up a solid Marketing Foundation, both online and OFFline that might include an Effective Website supported by 6 Dozen Online Directories, the setup of all your social media and review sites and anything else your business needs, graphic design, logos, menus, staff bios, signage and more.


Our small business startup packages all include Business Consulting and mentorship to fill in the gaps around whatever your strengths are. We have access to over 100 resources to help you with automation, bookkeeping, technology, in person networking, online sales, permits and licenses, tip and tricks for better hiring and leadership for loyalty, hospitality in any industry, legal resources, CRM and sales processes, competitive pricing and other specifics for your industry.

Lofty Startup Goals BP, Funding... .jpg
Lofty Startup Goals BP, Funding...  (1).jpg
Allow your business to pay for its own development and growth with increased revenue.

Our business consulting inclludes doing much of the work FOR you, the rest WITH you. Business mentorship gives you strategy you'll use the rest of your life. Choose from 100s of resources for marketing, operations, sales, banking, payroll, legal and more.  

Cautiously using FUNDING to jumpstart marketing and advertising, we iincrease revenue to support the whole project. There may be additional revenue streams we can find or create. Also we'll search out costs to cut or budgeting we can re-allocate to systems that will SAVE YOU TIME. 

Your Own Business.

Our proven system transforms an overworked business owner like you into the band leader directing the larger vision not mired in the day-to-day details. Our system is a small business growth strategy design that is customized for your particular company's message and vision. Together we align all aspects of your business to enhance efficiencies and increase revenue, so the business matures into the happy, self-sustaining success story you've earned.

No One is Expert

in Every Role.

It is rare for one person to be an expert in every moving part required of a smooth-running a business. Besides, who could have enough time??

Would you hire you as a bookkeeper? Marketing expert? How about IT, legal or keeping up with the changing regulations of HR or tax law? Let's affordably move you into the role(s) you're best at.

Your turnkey business graph.jpg

Let's Reorganize to increase your revenue, then give you more free time. 

You Provide the Vision,

oversight and culture while operations are affordably handled by others.

There are so many resources available, and so many expensive mistakes to be made with employment, insurance, legal & finance, even marketing mistakes that hide good reviews or block your emails... we can help.

A Semi Absentee-run Business

Is a saleable asset that frees up your time, gives you the opportunity to focus in on the work you love while the business supports itself, all it's own needs and your future.

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Water Drops

Calling All Small Business Owners and
Sole Proprietors!

Image by Kelsey Knight
Slow economy doesn't mean lost income.jpg

Your business is your livelihood.

In many cases, your sole source of income. Adding our team's decades of experience to yours can only make your business stronger.

We can write or review your business plan or idea to see where it can be made stronger, strategize the best ways to appeal for funding, develop the best target marketing strategies for your ideal customer and improve your reputation, ratings
and reviews. We'll focus on reducing unnecessary costs and increasing revenue streams, net income and asset value.

The marketing and websites we create (or review or update) together will reflect all the values and strategies above. They can be easy for you to 
re​vise, or they can be complex with all the advanced features your company needs to compete in today's market.

We admire business owners who have relied on personal connections for years and can increase word-of-mouth referral networking through online and offline marketing strategies.

You are guaranteed to learn more about business planning, marketing strategy and overall business success, just by calling.

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