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Busness in a box


or grow Your business.

Water Drops

Your Own Business.

Our proven system transforms an overworked business owner like you into an industry thought leader. Our system is customized for your company's message and vision. Together we align all aspects of the business to enhance efficiencies and increase revenue, so the business matures into the happy, self-sustaining success story you've earned.

No One is Expert

in Every Role.

It is rare for one person to be an expert in every moving part required of a smooth-running a business. Besides, who could have enough time??

Would you hire you as a bookkeeper? Marketing expert? How about IT, legal or keeping up with the changing regulations of HR or tax law? Let's affordably move you into the role(s) you're best at.

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Let's Reorganize to increase your revenue, then give you more free time. 

You Provide the Vision,

oversight and culture while operations are affordably handled by others.

There are so many resources available, and so many expensive mistakes to be made with employment, insurance, legal & finance, even marketing mistakes that hide good reviews or block your emails... we can help.

A Semi Absentee-run Business

Is a saleable asset that frees up your time, gives you the opportunity to focus in on the work you love while the business supports itself, all it's own needs and your future.

Public Building Staircase

Startup & Growth Packages

Whether starting a business, growing a business, becoming self employed, considering franchising, buying a business, selling a business or retiring...

we'll help you build the foundation.

Side Hustle

Dog Walker
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Turn your passion into viable profit! Start a Side Hustle that aligns with your skills, interests, or hobbies and works with your current schedule.

Up & Running

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Become a small business owner and serve your local community. Launch a small business with a strong start with business setup, consulting, and marketing. 

Business in a Box

Image by Craig Lovelidge
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From concept to a sound running business that gives you residual income, Business in a Box turns your mission into a profitable business or saleable asset. 

Payment Plans Are Available

We can often get your business going relatively quickly and break the cost into monthly payments your business can handle as its revenue increases. We want the business to pay for itself not you.

Your Business Pays for Itself.

YOUR particular business consulting or startup needs may include any or all:


How to design and differentiate your business for success, business legal formation, a business plan as a guide to follow vs. a business plan for funding vs. a business plan for partners or investors, local and federal regulations, licenses and permits, trademark searches, legal resources, site selection, banking, how to match your prices with marketing images quality and customer experience, mistakes not to make with emails or reviews, researching competition and pricing, decorating your brick and mortar, payment processing, insurance and business structures to protect you, hiring better employees safely and affordably, when not to categorize independent contractors, HR and benefits, how obtaining funding and crowdsourcing is a marketing effort, how to communicate effectively with investors and when to apply for business credit, video marketing, choosing, utilizing and setting up technology, learning about debt and credit repair, finding first clients or customers, grand opening marketing, ongoing marketing, advertising and sales, SEO on websites as well as review and referral sites, networking 101, PR, how to run a successful Kickstarter or GoFundMe campaign, barter networks, webinars, hundreds of creative marketing avenues, how to identify target markets, the benefits of using marketing and SEO in unexpected places, scheduling software, CRM software, establishing a huge online presence, responding to reviews skillfully to improve search ranking, setting up ecommerce sites, local online and in-person networking and word-of-mouth strategies, hospitality and customer-facing experience, bookkeeping and accounting resources, getting phones answered by the right people, answering all customer inquiries every time, followup and retention of clients/customers. Guests, building out an operation manual so you can take a vacation, open additional locations or franchise, guiding you through the franchising process, protection from the challenges of partnerships and employees, email marketing training, why your bathrooms need to be clean... 

Sometimes you just need a free 1/2 hour consulting call.

Building your client and customer base

How do we know which marketing to use for any particular business? Do you really need an upgraded website? Is social media marketing going to be useful to your small business or would you do better with a solopreneur networking course? What is branding and should you brand yourself or your company? What's the difference between funding and debt? How do you get published to build credibility,? How does that increase income anyway and how do you do that text marketing thing? What fonts and colors will my ideal customers respond best to - who ARE my ideal clients, guests or customers? Where does hospitality fit into say, a manufacturing company, ecommerce or the trades? What if no one can do what I do but me?

We have HUNDREDS of marketing strategies, online and off.

While anyone can create a free website, free social media and review sites, we have done YEARS of research on how to make a Yelp page that people call you from, how to protect and best utilize your ad budget, how to raise postive reviews and lower negative ones, how to embed SEO keywords behind images so your business will show up in searches... 

Markting on Business Page
Water Drops

Calling All Small Business Owners and
Sole Proprietors!

Image by Kelsey Knight
Slow economy doesn't mean lost income.jpg

Your business is your livelihood.

In many cases, your sole source of income. Adding our team's decades of experience to yours can only make your business stronger.

We can write or review your business plan or idea to see where it can be made stronger, strategize the best ways to appeal for funding, develop the best target marketing strategies for your ideal customer and improve your reputation, ratings
and reviews. We'll focus on reducing unnecessary costs and increasing revenue streams, net income and asset value.

The marketing and websites we create (or review or update) together will reflect all the values and strategies above. They can be easy for you to 
re​vise, or they can be complex with all the advanced features your company needs to compete in today's market.

We admire business owners who have relied on personal connections for years and can increase word-of-mouth referral networking through online and offline marketing strategies.

You are guaranteed to learn more about business planning, marketing strategy and overall business success, just by calling.

SBOs and SEd
Let's Start or Grow Together!
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