Differentiate, Fund & Grow.

with The Change Foundry


Differentiate, Fund & Grow.

with The Change Foundry

funding and growth follow differentiation and the unique experiences had by customers, employees and investors at every level.
While seeking funding and acquiring users, designing, marketing and hiring, we'll help you build relationships that will build your company.

Full service startup and expansion.


Startup strategy

A better business plan
Effective Marketing Strategy


Developing a greater audience

Retaining customers and employees
Company Growth


Funding strategies

Investor relationships
Pitch coaching and presentations


Business Structure & Legal
Part-time to Full-time Developers
PT to FT Advisory board
Free Consultation


in the time of 


Call or text


Funding Options
  1. Loans, grants, non-profits, lines, cards...
  2. We'll locate funding sources for you
  3. Help you apply 
  4. Prepare your business plan to suit.
  5. Provide ongoing support
Consulting Fee Options:
  1. Pay in full or payment plan
  2. Monthly payments until funding is received
  3. Apply to TChF for an equity partnership
The Angel Alternative:    ​
  1. Free Consultation
  2. Application
  3. Develop Funding Strategy​
  4. Draft a Business Plan
  5. Apply to multiple options for Funding
Funding allows your business to jumpstart to a successful level and pay for itself slowly with the increased revenue. There is a huge difference between "bad debt" and "good credit." We can help you build personal or business credit too.
The odds of being funded by an angel investor are thin and thinning more each day. There are MANY other sources of funding, There are many other strategies to getting funds to start or rejuvenate your company. 
Call for a free consultation to see if funding is a good idea for your business. 
Free Consultation

Support Services

Part-time executive positions for your company when it needs to build it's team. Advisors, board members, strategists. Varied experience on your team will strengthen your business plan and lend credibility when seeking funding.
Large and small-budget solutions to common legal challenges, business status filing, employment issues, contracts, attorney referrals and more.
This is often what gets left behind by owners.
Credit repair consulting, accounting and accounting solutions recommendations for your business so It can continue to grow.
Free Consultation
The Change Foundry is an ever-expanding network of people, businesses, technologies and resources pulled together to support small business and startups; led by Leighanna Murphy.
Leighanna has been instigating the birth of new businesses, creative ideas and positive solutions since 1990 across multiple industries as business owner, partner, mentor, team leader, marketer and business advisor. Specializing in co-creation, start-up, expansion and sale, she finds guiding people through the challenges of business transition to be the most rewarding.
Leighanna appreciates mountains and oceans, airfoils and rudders, health and movement, friendly musicians and social dance. As a lifetime entrepreneur, she helps business utilize it's humanity and community rapport as it's strongest competitive advantage.