Small Business
Business consulting combines your knowledge and experience with ours to better improve your income, free up your time and increase the asset value of your business. Are you ready to take it to your next level?
Let's shift your business to support you. That means we take it up a notch investing in bringing you a higher income and more free time. We specialize in business strategy and marketing to grow your client base.
We understand entrepreneurial drive and focus. We're here to support you with multiple funding sources, part-time executive management and a broad-reach focus on all aspects of your business success.
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​Let's make your business work

for YOU.

Full service support adapting your business amidst covid and economic changes.

planning, selling or retiringmarketing, funding and more!

Combine your knowledge & experience with ours

To build a better business.

We look together at all the moving parts of your business

or idea for a business,

Find what might be missing or overwhelming

look for the ways it may be even more successful.

You'll find the help you need here.

let's take a look. No charge.

Some Popular Services:
Startup Facilitation
Prepare to start up, sell or retire... Business planning, funding & marketing setup. We'll get you going strong then support you with business consulting and even part-time and affordable C-level advisors.
Funding Strategies
There are at least 20 other directions to go in than SBA loans, bank loans and Angel Investors. We'll explore your best funding options together, develop a strategy, apply for funding and grow your business.
Marketing Boost
Let's build your audience so you have enough revenue. All your graphic design, signage and website, any social media and manage your review sites. Raise your SEO and online presence and create offline marketing. Flyers, banners, giveaways and imprinting to market your brand.
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Business Plan

Launch a successful idea, obtain funding and use as an ongoing guide.

Increase Profits

Evaluation of our business to find new revenue streams and reduce costs.

Funding Strategies

for startups and small businesses that let your business support YOU.


Websites, online review sites, offline graphic design. We get you noticed.

Exit Strategies

Your business is more than a job. Call us when you're ready to retire in a year or 3.

Our services tailored to your needs.
Need a business plan, a new logo design, an effective website or a full business startup or revitalization? Exit strategy planning so you can move on to whatever's next.

We are here to make sure you are protected and ahead of your competition. Branding and marketing techniques are crucial pillars of your business. 
YOUR needs.
From business plan to exit strategy; our business consulting team will assist your startup business. 
We offer advanced networking strategies, funding solutions and marketing services such as: websites, yelp, campaign strategies, business plans, consulting, social media marketing. etc 

We also help your visual branding: graphic design, signage, flyers, logos, brochures etc. 
We'd love to talk with you.
Leighanna Murphy has been instigating the birth of new businesses, creative ideas and positive solutions since 1990 across multiple industries as business owner, partner, mentor, team leader, marketer and business advisor. Specializing in co-creation and development of start-up and expansion, she finds guiding people through the challenges of starting and renewing to be the most rewarding.
Leighanna appreciates mountains and oceans, airfoils and rudders, health and movement, friendly musicians and social dance. As a lifetime entrepreneur, she helps business utilize it's humanity, agility and community rapport as it's strongest competitive advantage.