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Marketing, mentorship and a buffet of resources for small business success.


Small Business Consulting for Startup, Marketing, and Growth.

A 30+ year serial entrepreneur-turned-mentor, founds a company that builds solid marketing and advertising foundations... 

provides consulting, coaching and mentorship for startup and growth of small businesses and professional advancement of their owners...


demystifies everchanging backend algorithms;

resolves marketing, legal. compliance, funding and financial challenges... and


provides a complete buffet of all fundamental strategy, key people, technologies and guidance toward a self-sustaing small business poised for growth.

We build the foundation for your new business in a month-or-three.

The same process transitions stressed business owners toward running semi-absentee with both increased revenue and "extra" free time.


Considering all aspects of your company, including:

Business planning, legal entity filing, marketing setup, automation, bookkeeping, technology, in person networking, online sales, permits and licenses, taxes, hiring and HR, social and review sites, hospitality, legal resources, competition & pricing and other industry specifics,


We build a solid foundation with the increased revenue, develop a loyal team and the business consulting your company needs for you to learn Even More how to make it grow and thrive.

We can usually get small businesses up and running or revitalized and running better in less than 60 days.

"The Change Foundry exists to preserve the small business way of life and improve the day-to-day lives of small business owners."

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START a business

GROW a business

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SELL a business


We Can Help You:

Our Unique Services.
Your Unique Business.

Maybe you need a business plan, an effective website or a full business startup or revitalization. Preparation for a quicker sale or retirement strategy planning so you can move on to what's next in your life..

We are here to make sure your business is protected and ahead of your competition. Branding and marketing techniques are crucial pillars of your business, as is a solid online presence through online directories, optimized review sites like Google and Yelp, and making sure search engines can find your business when people are looking.
We connect you to resources to let you focus on where you can help your business the most in the least time so things like bookkeeping or marketing, if they're not your strengths, still get done, affordably and free up your time for more productive efforts.
Other services to keep your business growing are advanced networking strategies, funding solutions and marketing services such as: websites, effective yelp campaigns, business plans, consulting, and more. 

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Simple Marketing Solutions:

Marketing Solution #1

Renew Google's Interest in Your Business:

Renew Google's Interest in Your Business


Our names, business names, images and reputations are all over the internet. Sometimes unintentionally, often inaccurately. Google sees "inaccurate" (Check Your Business above) business listings as outdated companies who won't be the first to show on searches. We can overwrite the inaccuracies and add SEO keywords so Google will see you like a new neon sign, and move your name up in more searches, for just a couple hundred dollars a month.

Directory Search

So You Want To
Start A Business!

Or open a 2nd location to a business you already own...

Side Hustle

Vintage Electric Guitar

Make doing what you love, More than a hobby

A lower return warrants a smaller investment. Still, an online store, creative outlet or part-time gig should pay for itself and support you too. Set up correctly it may grow into a business that supports you enough to become fully self-employed.

Free Consultaiton:

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Up & Running

Installing Solar Panels

A secure foundation for your small business 


Grow or start up your small business with all aspects covered, if not by you then affordably by someone; technology, growing customer base, hiring & payroll, legal & financial security. A business plan and Marketing setup for success!


Free Consultaiton:

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Business in a box

Pouring Wine

A solid foundation for your scaleable business 


We'll facilitate the timely, fundable startup of your company, help you establish all operations necessary for the smooth management & growth of your business, develop a working operations manual so new locations or franchises are possible.

Free Consultaiton:

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Buy Now, Pay Later
and Payment Plans

Allow your business to pay for its own creation as revenue grows. 

Shadow on Concrete Wall

Our small business services can help whole communities.
Let's work together to make your town or organization a destination.


When more of you have optimized Yelp pages, dozens of online directories each, accurate detailed GoogleMyBusiness and Google Maps pages, it lights up the whole town, firm or group when visitors, tourists, truckers, or anyone searches in your area.

Our marketing for small businesses is designed to help small business owners compete with larger companies, franchises and chains. The ideal combination is small business charm, word-of-mouth and hospitality balanced with farther-reaching tech marketing. And it's ok, you don't have to know "online directories" or "SEO" or have other technical skills. We do that for you. 

Groups of a dozen or more small business owners (stores, CPA's, restaurants, attorneys, real estate agents or offices, coffee shops) can pull together, get discounts on marketing setup, and strengthen the online presence of a whole town.

Special Pricing for:

Chambers of Commerce
Downtown Associations
Industry Organizations
Main St. Revitalization Projects
BNI & Networking Groups
Franchises & Chains
Business Brokers

Legal firms and Real estate offices

We'd love to talk with you.
Call for a free 1/2 hour consultation.
The Change Foundry is an ever-expanding network of people, businesses, technologies, and resources pulled together to support small businesses and startups, led by Leighanna Murphy.
Leighanna has been instigating the birth of new businesses, creative ideas, and positive solutions since 1990 across multiple industries as a business owner, partner, mentor, team leader, marketer, and business advisor. She specializes in co-creation, startup, expansion, and sale; she finds guiding people through the challenges of business transition the most rewarding.

Leighanna appreciates mountains and oceans, airfoils and rudders, health and movement, friendly musicians, and social dance. As a lifetime entrepreneur, she helps businesses utilize their humanity and community rapport as their competitive advantage.

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