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More on Marketing

More on Marketing

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to give you an effective website.

An effective website that sets you apart, lets you be found, and effectively sells to your favorite people.

Effective Website

Marketing Foundations
Startup or Growth

Marketing + Consulting 
We put you in the driver's seat of your business!

1 An Effective Website

A prospective customer's first impression of the business and business owner is vital to the health of your business. An effective website acts as the signage, business cards, brochures, and resumes of your small business. A good website design attracts, informs and motivates prospective customers. An "Effective" website means it's designed to inspire people to call or click or buy or connect with your business.

2 Online Directories

How is your website, product, or service being promoted online? Inaccurate information could be detrimental to how publisher sites promote your small business. We point over 6 dozen publisher sites to you with accurate information of your business. While they all point to your website, telling Google and other search engines that you're "real," active business, "Popular" and all over the web.

3 Yelp Page Optimization

We'll help you hitchhike on Yelps ad budget to get you to the first page of Google. Also come up in Maps, Alexa, luxury car in-dash apps and other online searches. No matter what your past experience with yelp has been, we will advocate and give you the advantage  our decades of experience. 

4 6-Week Growth Coaching Course

Hand-in-hand, our marketing foundations package comes with small business coaching services to guide you toward increased revenue.


The coaching portion of Marketing, after establishing marketing assets that appeal to Search Engines and your Best clients, includes


1) networking and partnership coaching for free to low-cost word-of-mouth business development.

2) recommendations for increasing leads through an advertising budget and carefully targeted ads 

3) establishing new sales strategies to convert new leads 

4) retaining customers for growth and

5) giving you tools for a healthy work/life balance

Optional: Yelp Page, Review, and Advertising Management 

Many more sections of Yelp can be utilized. Ad Management brings more leads to your new, more effective Yelp Page. Many will call or message, and you'll need a strategy to convert them into clients. 

Hitchhike onto the first page of Google through Yelp's unlimited budget and search ranking. 

Yelp Optimization

Today, 85% of consumers look to online review sites like Yelp & Google to find services or products they want. 

Your business' reputation and word-of-mouth referrals are just as important as it was in the past.




A customer who loves you can tell a friend or three who may or may not remember your name next time they need your services.


Your same favorite customer can write a review on Yelp, Google, social, local, and other review sites, even on popular apps where thousands, even millions of people (believe it or not) will believe them and support your business.

Why Optimize?

Things, even as small as word choice, can influence the effectiveness of your page. Getting your company shown in an online search involves strategic skill in copywriting, targeted imagery, knowledge of competition, research on searches in your area, best practices & penalties for breaking the rules, and knowing how the search engines and CPC ad budgets evolve and really work.

Let us be your professional Yelp advocate.

With a back door into Yelp, we have the ability to show you your competitors budgets, overall searches, how your page is doing by comparison, and redesign your Yelp page to perform better organically. We save you time and money in all the many ways we know how to including targeting, terms and settings.

We optimize all the copy for search engines (SEO) in every section we knew is important. Every time your page comes up at the top of Yelp, which it does with targeting, optimization and ad budgets, it is on the 1st page of Google because Yelp pays to be 1st page on Google. YOUR business can't afford to, but we can ride the companies who can.

Yelp Optmization

Online Directories

What are Online Directories?

Our names, business names, images and reputations are all over the internet. Web crawlers that copy and repost information to their own sites are not always accurate, so when people search for your business, they may find incorrect phone numbers, addresses, or misspellings of your business name.


The problem is search engines like Google lower the search ranking of businesses that have inconsistent information. We can overwrite the inaccuracies and add keywords that Google will see to give your business a louder voice in mainstream online space.

We can add menus, employee biographies, sneak keywords into photos and strategically-written keyword-rich, descriptions to move you up in searches. We can then fill out fields for Google, Bing, Maps, social and review sites and so many more to broaden your online presence

Google sees you as popular, fresh, and current. 

We'll post your information, the way you want it, accurately to over 70 sites. 

Over 450 International Online Directories

The most popular search engines in countries all over the world. If you have an international business or want an international online presence for yourself or your company, call us.

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