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Marketing Foundations


Seductive Bite
  • An effective Website, 

  • Optimized Yelp Page

  • Optimized google page

  • 6 dozen pages pointing to your website

  • 6 hours of Consulting

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Build your business on a solid foundation 

Four Pillars
to put your business on the map where people can find you.
We'l build you an effective website, the first two major review sites and point dozens of online pages to you, showing Google you're "popular" updated, accurate and "relevant."
All four marketing foundations are designed to appeal to your most productive clients, customers or guests. Designed with SEO embedded to speak to Google and other search engines. Images carefully chosen then embedded with SEO keywords to come up on Google searches. Skillful copywriting to appeal to people and search engines at the same time.

These four foundation marketing sites are optimized with SEO keywords to move you up the page in Yelp, therefore in Google and other search engines. 
Paint Cans
We will
to give you an effective website.

Your website should set you apart,

let you be found and effectively sell to your favorite people. Our top priorities are:

  • Differentiating your business 

  • getting search engines to "refer" people to your site

  • Appealing to your "best" customers, clients or guests.

  • Inspiring them to call you, email, sign up or buy while they're there. 

Our 10-point website review

  • will give you the feedback you need to decide

  • whether to have a website revision,

  • have a new website built,

  • or make minor changes if any.

Any website review fees ($500) will be credited if you choose to continue with a website revision or new custom website design. 


The Personal Touch: 

A new technology allows us to put a video spokesperson on your Website

We can also work with you to script a video that can be posted to your website, social media, or any other online medium such as advertisements to help give your target audience a solid understanding of your business via video.

Light and Shadow

What are Online Directories?

Dozens of pages pointing to your website

Our names, business names, images and reputations are all over the internet. Web crawlers that copy and repost information to their own sites are not always accurate, so when people search for your business, they may find incorrect phone numbers, addresses, or misspellings of your business name.


The problem is search engines like Google lower the search ranking of businesses that have inconsistent information. We can overwrite the inaccuracies and add keywords that Google will see to give your business a louder voice in mainstream online space.

We can add menus, employee biographies, sneak keywords into photos and strategically-written keyword-rich, descriptions to move you up in searches. We can then fill out fields for Google, Bing, Maps, social and review sites and so many more to broaden your online presence

Google sees you as popular, fresh and current. 

We'll post your information, the way you want it, accurately to over 70 sites. 
And recommends you on searches.

Over 450 International Online Directories

The most popular search engines in countries all over the world. If you have an international business or want an international online presence for yourself or your company, call us.

Yelp is today's word of mouth


Today word of mouth is just as important as it was in the past. However, instead of being a personal recommendation from a friend, 85% of consumers look to online review sites like Yelp to find services or products they want. 

Why Optimize?

Things even as small as word choice can influence the effectiveness of your page. The number of reviews, quality score, and descriptions on your review pages have a direct effect on your income and asset value. Also, getting your company shown in searches involves strategic skill in copy writing, targeted imagery, knowledge of competition, research on searches in your area, and how the search engines and ad budgets really work.

Let us be your personal Yelp advocate

We can reply strategically to reviews to move positive ones "up" and reduce the impact of bad reviews. We can lower CPC cost per click and selectively target your most desirable clients to utilize your budget most effectively. 


Our skillful copy writing will strategically work to raise your position in online searches and further optimize your page for maximum effectiveness. 

We'll review your review site. No charge.
Looking for ways we can get you more calls, or clicks or sales. OK?