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We Help Your Business

Support YOU.

Small Business Consulting to help you start up, survive economic changes and get covid funding, help with marketing and growth. Our business brokers can help you sell your business - believe it or not - After we increase the value and saleability of your business with greater appeal to more business buyers and a higher asset value. 
Small Business
Sole Proprietors

What if our fees were just a FRACTION of the money we find and generate for your business?

Many of our small business owner clients have successfully been running their businesses, sometimes for decades. Whatever you're doing that works, works to create your current income level.


Find out how much more your business can do:

Business Consulting

Non-industry specific.

Help for smaller, small businesses

Your own affordable coach.

We can do the work to get your business running more smoothly and spread the payments out over months at an affordable level. Payment plans for larger projects.

The work to increase revenue gets done quickly and the business makes payments with the increased revenue. If we're finding your business funding, your business makes affordable payments until funding comes through.

Small Business Owners
Your business is an important part of your life and in many cases, your sole source of income. Adding our decades of experience to yours can only make your business stronger.
We can write or review your business plan to see where it can be made stronger, strategize the best ways to appeal for funding, how to target your ideal customer and improve your reputation and reviews, reducing costs and increasing income.
We want to bring you more of your ideal customers and keep them coming back. We want to help you hire and retain the best employees reducing expenses and increasing customer satisfaction.
The marketing and websites we create (or update) together will reflect all the values and strategies above, can be easy for you to revise or have all the advanced features your company needs to compete in today's market.
We admire business owners who have relied on personal  connections for years and can increase word-of-mouth referral networking through online and offline marketing strategies.
You ARE your business. Or you will be once we get you started. Together we will look at your overall business and plan how to get you to where you'd like to be. 
We can help you build your client base and reputation so that clients who already love you will keep coming back and they'll tell not only their friends and contacts, but the world in general.
85% customers these days are consulting online reviews as "referrals." We can also give you offline, down-to-earth marketing strategies that fit your personal style.
These days your website is your business card, your resume, your brochure and often the closest you can get to face-to-face with thousands of potential clients. 
Even if it's "just you," We can get you help, time off, and clearly defined possibilities for growth, expansion, sale or retirement when you're ready. 
Free 1/2 hour consultation
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