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Own a business that you love, that supports you and your employees, and has the foundation to grow into your vision and retirement. 

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Business Package

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Up & Runnin'

Small Business Startup Package

is designed to support your needs from creating a business entity, growing a consumer base, hiring and payroll, legal, finance, technology, and security. From ideation to the construction of the core of your business, you are ready to produce goods and services, but not all facets of the business can be your strength or specialty. Running a small business requires you to wear many hats as it takes time, know-how, and resources -lots of resources! 

Up & Runnin' Small Business Ideas:

Small businesses are up & running in sectors such as professional and technical services, real estate, finance, insurance, construction, science, or technology. 

Builders and Visionary

Want to start a custom home building business, furniture maker, woodworker, solar, interior designer, or painter? You see a blank canvas, and you know what to do; you need people to do it!

for Creative Types

You are creative and want to start a studio or agency, but you need clarification on your idea. Your presence is as valuable online as it is in a physical location. From online to a boutique shop, studio, or gallery, the Up & Running package is designed to help you create a business that supports you.  

A Small Firm

Can you execute a stellar experience that can be a model or a business? Real estate broker, general contractor, event planning agency and you are facilitating a team of people. Turn your planning prowess into a lucrative event, wedding, or travel planning business. 

Small Venture

You have something to share with your local community, we help you to increase revenue to help you run your business with staff, so the business just like any larger business can support itself and you. From a small coffee outlet to boutique retail shop, IT services, landscaping, bike shop, or anything that involves you and the small team you work with.

Active Types

Small businesses have many shapes and sizes. Run a small bike rental startup, fitness studio with a few trainers to increase your income capacity, or small health or wellness business and serve a community of active people. The Up & Running package can help you find the perfect location and niche market. 

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Up & Running 

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The Up & Running package gives you a path to success


We help you create a business that is up and running, and we offer to consult for each aspect we set up for your business. You do not need to be an expert in everything; in fact, you can hand off work to resources to round out your company at any stage or size, including legal resources, many types of business insurance, safe hiring, loyalty, and retention, building hospitality into any business, technologies to save time, growing your audience, and more.

Business Plan and Filing

A well-thought-out plan is vital to communicate your business to banks and lenders. We can create a sound business plan that will entice consumers, lenders, and investors. 

​Effective Website

We give your website a winning value proposition that inspires customer loyalty to your brand. Connect with prospects on the preface of value, not price or discounts. With a storytelling approach, we build a strong foundation on social and review sites, even industry-specific sites, by optimizing search engines and targeting suitable locations and audiences to build your brand and customer base. 

Yelp and Review Sites 

Google and Nextdoor can boost your business. Get onto page one of Google with Yelp. We optimize your Yelp Page and attract your desired customer. 


Broaden your online presence

Your online presence is only viable with strategic writing and publishing information about your business on more than six dozen publisher sites. When someone searches for a product or service you offer, your information pops up from various sources.


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